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House with Chimney

Buying a home might be the most expensive investment you ever make. You need someone you can trust to evaluate and assess your most prized possessions before you commit to buying.


Before you sell your current home, purchase a new one, or you just want some peace of mind, you want a professional and reliable inspector to visually inspect your property to avoid surprises and help you make better decisions.

At Landmark Inspections, we pride ourselves in easy to read and easy to understand charts so you know exactly what you want and need to know from our inspection. After all, what is the point of having expert eyes look at your property if you don't learn anything from it? With pictures that show precise details, we promise to never leave you confused about any items we note during the inspection. We back that promise up by allowing you to call or email us at any time for any questions, comments, or concerns about your report. We love to help our clients and their realtors with any problems we may see during inspections.


Above all, we look forward to putting pictures into your final report to show you the most beautiful parts of your home. Too many times, we see reports where inspectors make your home seem like it is one windy day away from falling down. At Landmark Inspections, we want you to feel proud of your home while still educating you about safety, or structural improvements you could make.

Let us here at Landmark Inspections, leave our mark on you!

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